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Toy Factory Lofts - Downtown LA


Monster house - Sports house


Monster house - Skate ramp house


Rock & Roll hall of fame - time capsule


Custom Skateboards - Street Drum Corps


Live painting for Street Drum Corps DVD


Fasion show @ Club IVAR


Terror-"Always the hard way"


Bang! Fully loaded show

Comah was born in Los Angeles, to a pair of very artistic hippies. His family traveled the world, exposing him to different cultures, ensuring an exceptionally well-rounded individual.Comah's passions in life, lead him to start creating using any mediums nessesary. In 2004, Comah painted a 7 story high sign freehand in downtown Los Angeles that read " TOY " for the toy factory lofts. His work throughout his career has been displayed in many art galleries nationwide, he has had several television appearances, aswell as being inducted into a time capsule at the rock n roll hall of fame. As of recent, Comah has been dabbling in the form of bodypainting. He is working with several prominant photograhers and stylists, creating unique urban/fashion looks to shock the modern art world, and bring the urban essence to the forefront.

"Bang! Fully-Loaded" is a group art show showcasing the talents of contemporary artists of different genres and disciplines to dissect, deconstruct, reconstruct, and reclaim the idea of the "Barrelman." Some of the artists are each given a Barrelman to be used at their "blank canvas."
The Barrelman is most hated and loved folk art wooden statuette in the Philippines , in which when the barrel is lifted, a happy tribesman expresses it self by a phallic protrusion. Though many find the Barrelman offensive, sexist, and derogatory to the tribal people of the islands, others find it lovable, comical, and light-hearted and it is still popular among the tourists and the locals through out the years.
In addition to the modified Barrelmen exhibited, there will be small bodies of work and installation presented by the featured artists, which disciplines range from painting, sculpting, photography, graffiti, graphic design, fashion design, "chocolatier"-ing and hot rod customization (yes, you read right.)
"Bang! Fully Loaded" is part of a series of art shows at Remy's on Temple leading up to a travelling Smithsonian show called "Singgalot: The Ties that Bind, Filipinos in America", August-October 2008. in which the Barrelmen will be carried over to the auxiliary gallery.


Cal State University Northridge with Toons & Hert


Valentine's Day Massacre featuring Hert


DBRLA Collective @ Verona


Wrestling with Life


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